Cashew Butter

By 06/26/2015General

One of the perks of being around a lot of mamas is hearing about great tips and tricks. I try to collect as many as I can and store them away for future use. Now I can share them and build an archive as well.

Tip # 1 Add Cashew Butter

I try to get my own picky eater to start her day with some kind of healthy fat and protein to keep her going until snack or lunch. Since she has an affinity for carbs and wheat products specifically, it can be hard to think outside the box. She won’t eat oatmeal very often but when she does, it is an opportunity to add good fats like grass fed butter, nut milks, or coconut oil. One day a parent said they add cashew butter to their oatmeal. Brilliant idea! You can add any nut or seed butter to oatmeal for a little more fat and protein, but I find that the cashew butter makes it extra creamy and delicious. I also love using cashew butter mixed with a little plain yogurt and honey as a fruit dip for a nutritious snack.