Program Overview

Our preschool program begins at age two with our Turtle program and continues through our three year old Starfish class, and often culminates with our four year old Whale year. There is the option of a Transitional Kindergarten year for children who could benefit from an additional year of preschool. We also offer a Parent & Toddler program, called Minnows, for children age one and up. Our classes have a teacher/student ratio of 1:5 for the younger students and 1:8 for the older students.

Parent & Toddler

Our Parent & Toddler programs are designed for children to attend with their parents before separation has occurred. Parent discussion and reflection is an important part of the program.

Minnows (children must be 1 year old)
Four to eight week sessions ongoing

Our Minnows program is an excellent way to get to know the school to decide if it is a good fit for your family prior to applying. Children and parents engage in free play, followed by snack time and a parent discussion led by one of our faculty. Participation in the Minnows program is not required for admissions to Christopher Robin nor is it a guarantee of future admission.


Our preschool program begins with the Turtle program and is designed to be a three year program with the option of a fourth year of Transitional Kindergarten.
Turtles (children must turn 2 by December 31st)
Limited to 10 children with two teachers
9am-11am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday OR Tuesday and Thursday

Our Turtles program is a transitional preschool program as well as a parent education program.  For the first part of the school year parents attend with their children, observe the class, and meet weekly to discuss their observations, developmental milestones, and parenting issues.  As the year progresses, children begin the separation process.  We believe it is important to allow children of this age ample time to acclimate to the environment before initiating the separation process.

Starfish (children must turn 3 by December 31st)
Limited to 24 children with three teachers and one support teacher Monday through Friday from 9am to 12pm, with the option for a longer day until 3pm starting in November.

Our Starfish program builds on the routines established during the Turtle year and we encourage separation within the first few weeks of school, however, we believe this is an individual process and each family can work with the teachers to make a plan for their child.

Whales (children must turn 4 by December 31st)
Limited to 24 children with three teachers and one support teacher
Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm

Our Whale program provides developmentally appropriate curriculum for the children as they grow during their preschool experience. For many children, the Whale year is their final year of preschool before moving on to Kindergarten and our teachers are mindful of creating a program that addresses this specific time in the children’s experience.

Transitional Kindergarten

Limited to 12 children, two teachers
Monday through Friday from 9am-3pm

Our Transitional Kindergarten is ideal for children with summer and fall birthdays, or for whom an additional year before entering Kindergarten would be beneficial.  This program carries on the values of Christopher Robin’s other programs and works with each child to prepare him or her for kindergarten.

A sample schedule of the day is as follows:

8:30 – 9:00am Drop-off
 9:05  Chime/Final Goodbyes
 9:15  Morning Meeting
 9:30 – 10:45  Inquiries/Small Group Explorations
 10:00 – 10:30  Snack
 10:50 – 11:10  Reflection Meeting
 11:15 – 11:50  Outdoor Mixed Age Play (Starfish and Whales)
 11:50 – 12:00  Goodbye Circle for Starfish/Prepare for Lunch
 12:00 – 12:30  Lunch
 12:30 – 1:30  Rest Time
 1:30 – 2:45  Outdoor Investigations
 2:50 – 3:00  Goodbye Circle and Dismissal

Summer Camp

We offer a six week summer camp program for our currently admitted students, incoming students, and alumni, which typically runs from the end of school in June through the month of July.  As space is available, we can admit children who are not currently enrolled in our program into summer camp.

Workshops for Parents & Teachers

Throughout the year, we offer parent education workshops for interested families and educators on a wide range of topics.  Weekly parent discussions are a part of our Parent & Toddler classes and focus on a wide range of timely topics and emerging themes.