We just received Kevin Henkes’s latest book call Waiting. I am such a fan of Kevin Henkes. His writing style, subject matter, and illustrations are so appealing and poignant. Henkes has such a great understanding of the emotional lives of children. He just gets it. Waiting is beautiful in its simplicity in conveying the complex theme of patience and waiting. The story and it’s pacing are soothing and calm with some surprising elements.

In a recent interview on NPR Kevin Henkes says about the book,

“Waiting is about five figurines that are sitting on a windowsill — and waiting. Usually my books are about something small writ large and I think of this as something large made small. So it’s really about the concept of waiting. It’s not about one child waiting for one specific thing. It’s bigger and broader than that.”

He goes on to say about the way adults view children:

“Sometimes I think as adults we think of them as — because they’re small in size that they’re small in all ways — and they’re not. They have big feelings, and they have big eyes, they see things, they hear things, they’re living life just the way an adult does and I think sometimes as adults we forget that.”

I agree!


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