Our History

Christopher Robin has always been a family run school. In 1960, Vera Sandler, mother and grandmother to current co-directors Susan Huber and Elizabeth de Roo, purchased a small preschool and named it after the beloved A.A. Milne character Christopher Robin. With just a set of blocks and a few children’s books, she set out to create a nurturing and caring place where children could spend their day engaged in playful learning experiences. Vera spent her time cultivating the perfect environment, building shelves, painting cubbies, and making new toys for the children.
In 1977, Christopher Robin relocated to its current location with Vera’s daughter, Susan Huber, at the helm.  In 2003, Susan’s daughter, Elizabeth de Roo, joined the team at Christopher Robin.  Elizabeth spent her childhood at Christopher Robin as a student and summer helper.  After living and teaching in the Bay Area for many years, she returned to CR, bringing with her many innovative educational ideas.

Most recently, in 2012, the school opened a brand new campus for its oldest and youngest children across the street. Together, Susan and Elizabeth honor Vera’s original vision to allow for meaningful learning experiences through play.

Our School

Christopher Robin is a licensed childcare facility located in a quiet residential neighborhood in the heart of Los Angeles, just north of Melrose Avenue. Our campus is shared between two separate buildings on the same block at 815 and 848 North Alta Vista Blvd. Our toddler classes and Transitional Kindergarten are held in our newest building at 848. Our classes for three and four-year-olds are held in our original campus at 815.

Both buildings provide ample shaded outdoor space, thoughtfully designed to encourage creative play. In addition, both buildings have dedicated art studios and full kitchens where healthy snacks are prepared daily. We have a flourishing edible garden at 815 and children participate in weekly gardening classes where they plant new seeds, harvest fruits and vegetables, and make observations about the natural environment.

Our Team

Christopher Robin is proud of our diverse team of teachers and staff.  Our hiring process includes lengthy interviews and extensive background investigations.  Our faculty comes to us with a wide range of educational experience, but most importantly, each member brings a passion for educating young children.  In addition to our highly qualified teaching faculty, we have two full-time staff members who tend to the environment and ensure our space is clean and well organized.


Susan Huber – Director


Elizabeth de Roo – Director


Maricela L. – Starfish Teacher


Lenin A. – Starfish Teacher


Ana A. – Housekeeper


Tanya L. – Starfish Teacher


Tiffany H. – Whale Teacher


Maria De La V. – Support Teacher


Robb C. – Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

Anna P.

Anna P. – Transitional Kindergarten Teacher


Judy B. – Turtle Teacher


Kristen McC. – Studio Teacher


Julian V., JR. – Turtle Teacher


Rosa B. – Housekeeper


April F. – Gardening Instructor


William R. – Music Teacher


Mona S. – Whale Teacher


Haley T. – Whale Teacher

We regularly engage in ongoing staff development on a range of topics.  During faculty meetings we focus on team-building, reflect on our practice, and share our documentation.  We also partner with other like-minded schools to exchange ideas and learn from outside experts.  Our faculty regularly attend educational seminars and conferences to stay current on the latest educational research.

Our Community

Christopher Robin views parents as partners in the educational process and strives to bridge connections between home and school.  We welcome parent participation and value our active Parent Association which works closely with our administration to organize school events, community outreach efforts, and school fundraising. A wide range of families come from all over Los Angeles to attend our school. We place a great emphasis on parent education and offer many educational seminars and events throughout the year.